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What the fuck,seriously????

2008-11-02 03:01:13 by 8PM

/* */


2008-10-29 19:33:14 by 8PM

I know I previously said something about a forum and stuff but I finally can do it and I did!
And NO its not the fake buttfucker asshole or whoever made that one forum that ruined the whole "8PM" search results :P
Its on my website so yeah.


2008-10-05 21:17:01 by 8PM

I've been working on this for a few days and today rushed to finish....
Its just a little logo thing.
Im not going to submit it since its not a flash movie worthy of submitting to the great portal so I just have to post on my site since its too big to put on NG(which is fucking gay)
So yeah....

Newgrounds Madness Day is AWESOME!

2008-09-27 11:08:12 by 8PM

Newgrounds MD Designs are always cool :P

Newgrounds Madness Day is AWESOME!


2008-09-01 01:29:00 by 8PM

Hope you all enjoized the previewzes.


2008-08-24 22:07:22 by 8PM

I spent about 20 minutes on this so ENJOY IT!!!!!
Go Madness Day!!!!(When it comes)



2008-08-22 14:18:09 by 8PM

Right now me and GhostFlames Are working on a little somethin' for madness day!
The only thing that I can say is ITS GUNNA' BE AWESOME!

I actually enjoy my work!

2008-08-18 21:45:06 by 8PM

Heres another project that I have started Due Madness day

I actually enjoy my work!

I dare you!

2008-08-18 02:33:27 by 8PM

I Dare any man with hair on their sack to click this link


2008-08-11 01:01:28 by 8PM

I was thinking about how I can get people to hate me more.....So
I made an animation for no reason!Yay! <:)
Come And Watch It!